If you knew the true cost,
What would you buy?


What is the cost of a product? It is not the value we place on it, some number of currency. The cost is what we lose to gain it. Our mission is to see every product on sale have alongside it's economic value it's true cost in terms of the real world resources that are lost, presented in terms of CO2 equivalent (CO2e).

We are asking for transparency from all producers and manufacturers about how much a product truly costs. An informed public is a necessary condition for a democratic society and the cost of what we consume, to ourselves, our children, and the way of life on Earth is a necessary condition for making the healthiest, wisest choices towards a future where we can all live in peace.


From producers, manufacturers and retailers.


Empower consumers with frictionless access to data.


Create an alliance to bring about a sustainable future.

Would you welcome transparency? Sign the petition to let us know, and, if you wish, stay informed oh how it’s all going. We’ve just begun and could use some friends!

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